Human Trafficking 1970-Today

Mail Order Brides 

Mail order brides are women that list themselves in catalogs or online websites and are selected by a man for marriage. During the nineteenth century America, mail order brides came from well developed areas in the east to marry men in western frontier lands. bride

Although, these women put themselves on these websites in hopes to possibly find true love that may not be what they get as a result. The outcome may turn out to be a horrible one. And at times mail order brides may turn into HUMAN TRAFFICKING . Women are often times misled over the internet and brought to the United States and become trapped under the man that PURCHASED the woman. Without the financial stability and sometimes unable to speak English they are unable to communicate and afford to go back home.

Anastasia King’s Story:


In 1999, Anastasia an eighteen year old girl from Russia was excited to come to the United States to marry Indle King Jr. who she had met over an online website. Anastasia was overjoyed and had huge dreams that she wanted to fulfill. UNFORTUNATLEY, this young girl was not going to experience her dream. Instead she would find herself in a terrible situation that led her to her death. After King bought Anastasia from the website and he got her to the United States he filled her life with threats and abuse. PHYSICALLY and EMOTIONALLY. King forced her to have sex with him and he would hit her as he pleased. King threatened to kill her often, until he decided to actually do it.

MARRIAGE AGENCIES can be very dangerous. Although, they are made for people to have a chance to meet a life partner and find real love they are often used to traffic women. Their are many signs of this on websites. One major sign is the simple fact that if a man DOES NOT want to go through the trouble of dealing with having to get a visa the AGENCY will arrange to send a woman to another country so that the man can meet them their. The agency will make a woman think that she is getting what she has been waiting for, but instead they are just being taken to a place where a man can have sex with her.

The Trafficking Victims Protection ActVTVPA

In the year 2000 the Trafficking Victims Protection act was passed. Throughout the years since HUMAN TRAFFICKING began very many laws have been passed. But it is known to be said the MOST IMPORTANT law that has been made throughout history. This particular law states that a human trafficking victim is a person induced to perform labor or commercial sex act through force, fraud, or coercion. Any person under age 18 who performs a commercial sex act is considered a victim of human trafficking, regardless of whether force, fraud, or coercion was present. Thanks to this act that was passed many victims of trafficking are able to receive help once they are able to get away from the terrible situation that they were once in.

The 3 P’s 

The Trafficking Victims Protection Act FIGHTS human trafficking by promoting the three P’s. The three P’s are:

PROSECUTION: involves passing the appropriate laws that criminalize trafficking, and jailing the abusers who exploit other humans for profit.

PROTECTION: involves identifying victims, providing them with medical care and shelter (and if necessary witness protection), and, when appropriate, repatriating them.

PREVENTION: involves raising awareness of the inhumane practices involved in the trafficking trade and promoting a paradigm shift that seeks to reduce the demand for the “fruits” of human trafficking.

This act was very IMPORTANT to the victims of trafficking as well as to the entire community. Because this act was very helpful the original act was REAUTHORIZED in 2003, 2005, and in 2008!! All this did was improve the original act that was already passed in 200. For example these reauthorized acts added such things like, they authorized millions of dollars over some years to help combat human trafficking.

Human Trafficking Statistics in the Recent Years

Like we have already learned, human trafficking has started many years ago and was more commonly known as slavery. Over the years it became better known as human trafficking that is also known as modern day slavery. At the end of the day they all mean the same thing and they are all terrible. Even though this started so many years ago it does not seem to be getting better. According to statistics in the recent years:

  • There are an estimated 35.8 million people enslaved in the world.
  • There are more people in slavery today than at any other time in history.
  • Every thirty seconds, another person becomes a victim of human trafficking.
  • Human trafficking creates approximately a hundred and fifty billion dollars in illegal revenue annually
  • Even though 90% of the world’s countries have criminalized human trafficking, it is still a thriving business
  • Human trafficking is estimated to be the second largest criminal industry in the world,  behind the illegal drug trade.

What Does The Future Look Like?


Human trafficking has gone on for far to long. And it seems to only be getting wore over the years. Their has been many laws and acts that have been passed! Although, these laws and acts have been very helpful in the past and even now, they still have not been able to put a complete end to human trafficking. Recent statistics show horrible outcomes when it comes to human trafficking. Their is no reason as to why there are more people in any type of slavery today than at any other time in history. It should be about making this place that we call home a better place to live in. So in the future when it comes to human trafficking I would love to see major changes! For a great start to put an end on human trafficking their are many steps and tips that every individual can take! For a better future it is important that we take the time to learn and become familiar with these steps. A few of these steps to have an idea on how to end trafficking in the future are:

  • Learn the red flags that may indicate human trafficking and ask follow up questions so that you can help identify a potential trafficking victim. Human trafficking awareness training is available for individuals, businesses, first responders, law enforcement, and federal employees.
  • Organize a fundraiser and donate the proceeds to an anti-trafficking organization.
  • Encourage your local schools to partner with students and include the issue of modern day slavery in their curriculum. As a parent, educator, or school administrator, be aware of how traffickers target school-aged children.6193ded3475060aa13bc0a8379caed46

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